GP Training

We are a training practice. This means at any one time we have up to three fully qualified doctors working with us who are preparing for a career in general practice. They have each completed part or all of their hospital training.

Drs Mantella, Hassam, and O’Halloran are GP Trainers and oversee the progress of one or more training doctors throughout their training programme (hospital and general practice). All the Partners are involved in supervising the trainees during their time with us so there is always support and advice available should it be required.

For educational purposes you may be asked to allow your consultation with a training doctor to be recorded. If you decline your care will not be affected in any way. If you allow your consultation to be recorded it will be viewed only by the trainee(s) and GP Trainer and will be destroyed after a set time interval.

Current Training Doctors

We currently have three trainee doctors, Dr Charlotte Webster (ST3), Dr Gurdeep Seyan (ST3) and Dr Seren Dupont (FY2).

We welcome any feedback from patients regarding our training doctors, and thank you for supporting them in their learning.